3 handbags in different colors, one dark red, one yellow and one dark green.

Circular economy-Upcycled, recycled, backpacks, handbags and accessories. Quality you can see!

Ecoafriq was born in Namibia, Africa- from communities that have been recycling for years, using old packaging and clothing in new ways, though more out of need than for the environment, but recycling is now a growing global trend.

We are inspired by our planet and pride ourselves in producing, choosing materials- that‘s organically and sustainably sourced. We want an immediate decrease on the devastating effects the textile industry has on the environment.


The consumer demands changes in fashion Now..! 

Designers and retailers are making steps to go green.How materials are sourced and used in the production process-matters more everyday as our environment is under pressure. 

Ecoafriq favours organic and recycled materials to produce handbags and accessories. 

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Among our favourites materials:

1.Cane- Cane  is a bamboo like material and comes from sugar cane. It’s a strong durable material, used for years in the furniture and agriculture industries.It’s a biodegradable, eco friendly material.

2. Recycled material - Cotton and polyester from old clothing is used as the inner lining of our handbags, also incorporated into new items- buttons turned into Jewellery. Using old unwanted clothing in the process ensures no toxins for our environment

3. Raffia Straw- Raffia Straw grows in tropical regions in Africa and Asia. It’s a source of income for forest dependant communities in countries like Cameroon, Senegal and Madagascar. It’s a biodegradable material and have been used for centuries in agriculture and textiles industries. ecoafriq hats are made with Raffia straw sourced from Madagascar.

4. Leather (Kraft) paper - Our leather Paper is produced using wood fibres, sugar cane and corn starch.

The material is washable, sustainable and works with nature. No trees are cut to produce the bags.

5. Cork leather- Cork  has been used for centuries as a bottle stopper. It’s waterproof, durable and just as versatile as real leather.

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Sustainable fashion

There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere. The sustainable way to shop is to buy recycled, sustainable and biodegradable products. Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, Fashion is an instant language.

Don’t be into waste. Don’t make fashion own you, Decide on you're own choices!

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