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Slow fashion and Ecofashion- Made with organic and recycled materials.

Biodegradable fashion

Cork Bark comes from the Cork oak Tree and  has been used for generations as a bottle stopper. 

This is because it has unique physical properties that allows it to compress to half its size and resist decay, even when submerged in liquids. The Cork Bark is also used to make Cork (Vegan) Leather.  As a textile, the leather is durable, stain resistant , easy to maintain and waterproof.

The enviroment also benefits from the Cork Leather, as its  Biodegradable and fully recyclable

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sustainable fashion

Natural Straw and Cane are naturally renewable & sourced from Africa. Our bags & accessories are handmade, durable & on trend ..The cane waste from the sugar cane fields is a huge part of daily life for communities in Africa. Our Cane is sourced responsibly & ecoafriq supports the education, sustainability & reduction of forest degradation... 


sustainablefashion ethical fashion vegan leather biodegradable fashion plastic free winter autumn trends consciously made sustainable fashion handbags


Plastic free

We are an online shop for slow fashion and EcoFashion- Made with organic and recycled materials. Change the way you Shop, Change the World!..

Cork leather handbags, straw bags, Kraft design backpacks and accessories... for the Love of beautiful things. 

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ecoafriq was born from communities that have been Upcycling for years, using old packaging and clothing in new ways, though more out of need than for the environment, but Upcycling is now a growing global trend. We are inspired by our planet and pride ourselves in producing, choosing materials that has been organically and sustainably sourced. We want an immediate decrease on the devastating effects the textile industry has on the environment.


vegan fashion sustainable winter autumn trends biodegradable fashion