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Cork handbag.

Slow fashion,Made with organic and recycled materials.

Biodegradable fashion

A biodegradable cup.

The more manufactured, the more waste and pollution produced.

 The textile industry must create in a way which is most considerate of humanity and the environment. 

The goal is to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.

A zero-waste fashion industry seems unlikely but as a consumer you can help reduce the tonnage of textiles sent to landfill each year and the natural resources consumption through, by choosing fashion made from organic, biodegradable and recycled materials..

One of our most favoured organic materials is Cork Oak.

Cork Bark comes from the Cork oak Tree and  has been used for generations as a bottle stopper. 

This is because it has unique physical properties that allows it to compress to half its size and resist decay, even when submerged in liquids. The Cork Bark is also used to make Cork Leather.  As a textile, the leather is vegan friendly, durable, stain resistant , easy to maintain and waterproof.

The environment also benefits from the Cork Leather, as it's biodegradable and fully recyclable.

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Sustainable fashion

A black handbag.

Sustainable fashion is  a highly debated topic in the media, it’s worldwide. 

More and more textile companies are transforming their business models, improving their supply chains to reduce overall environmental impacts and improve social conditions in factories.

There is a growing awareness among consumers...

Slow  fashion means sticking with what you have for a long time, so this can get difficult to practice when your tastes change. 

Choosing materials like raffia Straw and cane - makes a huge difference.

Natural  Straw and Cane are naturally renewable & sourced from Africa. 

Our bags & accessories are handmade, durable & on trend ...

The cane waste from the sugar cane fields is a huge part of daily life for communities in Africa. 

Our Cane is sourced responsibly & ecoafriq supports the education, sustainability & reduction of forest degradation... 

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Green fashion

A woman, working the material.

Green Fashion is all about producing fashion that take into account the environment, to  ensure products are made responsibly, in humane conditions.

Ignorance to the harm that fast fashion creates to our environment is NOT a way forward. The health of consumers, the environment and the working conditions of people in the industry, making the products - Matters.


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